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  • Linda I really do appreciate all your company has done for me and my son. It is so nice to have the customer service you provided. This type of service is hard to come by especially when you purchase items over the inter net. I recommended my brother Tony to your company and he bought a scooter from you about three weeks ago… I will continue sending customers your way.

    Billy F,

  • Thanks so much for the fast shipment of our Gold Deer gas scooter. It was delivered the next day with all of the parts, no damage and it started right up. This was the best experience I have had with on-line purchases. Thanks again.

    Todd Hiser, PA

  • I just wanted to drop a note to let you all know how much I appreciate getting the scooter for my son's birthday. I ordered it on Monday and had it within two days. Thank you for your fast, curtious service.

    Hope Coastsworth, PA

  • Thank you very much for your prompt response. I am very greatful that you were so quick to get back to me. I cant tell you how many times people wait a day or two to get back to me. thank you very much and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

    Tom Glen, VA

  • This is Johnny bess i recieved my rear fairing today it was the correct one i needed thank you very much for taking the time to send me a new one.

    Ps i love my scooter i have never owned one but they are alot of fun to ride and what surprised me is it holds my weight and i weigh 210. The scooter i bought was well worth the money thank you everyone at fancyscooter and have a great Chistmas.

    John, WV

  • I just wanted to thank you for the prompt and friendly service you have given me. Not to mention you saved me $350.00. I almost bought the Gold Deer 2000 from a dealer in town for $730.00 and then I found your website selling the Gold Deer 5000 for $480.00. Needless to say I will refer all admirers of my scooter to your website.

    Mark Meyers, CA

  • I recieved the scooter from you on Friday, November 7, 2003. I put in together and everything seems fine.

    I was very impressed with the scooter and very pleased. Thank you so much for such fast delivery and such a smooth sale.

    I have been trying to leave positive feedback for you, but since I bought it directlly from you over the phone, it won't let me in to give feedback. I'll try to figure it out and will leave very good positive on it though.I would most certainly buy from you in the future.

    Thank You!

    Gweneth Pee, AL

  • Every kid on the block loves my new scooter and wants to buy from you. I recommended you guys to everyone i knew. Your low prices, friendly service, and large variety of scooters makes a big difference. I wish all dealers are as nice as you guys. Thank your very much, it was nice doing business with you and will buy again in the future!

    Alex, NY

  • Just wanted to let you know, we love our scooters. They are so much fun. We rode them about 15 miles Sunday and loved it.


    Marshell Clevinger, MD

  • I am writing to thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service that I received while doing business with your company.

    I purchased a scooter from you off eBay that was damaged in shipping and had a clutch drive belt that was way too loose, could not be adjusted and made a bunch of noise. After contacting you via email, you were very quick to send replacement parts at no charge. When those parts didn’t solve the problem, you sent a whole new scooter (at no charge) hoping that would fix my problem. After dropping you an email to you when the newest scooter you sent had the same problem, I was at wits end on how to fix the problem. I was pulling my hair out with not knowing what the next steps would be to get my scooter running or worse yet be stuck with a lemon. To my complete surprise, I get an email from Linda stating she was sending me a COMPLETE REFUND minus my original shipping charges! Not only that, she said “throw those away”, meaning BOTH scooters…I about fell off my chair!

    It made sense not to be shipping stuff across country back and forth, with the shipping companies the only ones making any money. But, for you to stand behind your products like that by giving a complete refund is VERY impressive!!

    I will certainly be doing business with you again, as well as recommending you company to everyone I know. I wish all companies treated customers with the high level of customer service you do.

    Thank you so much for being a SUPER company to deal with. I will be keeping an eye out on your website for another scooter that I like and will be buying from you again. I am sure the next time around things will turn out better for both of us.

    Kind Regards,

    Glenn Andersen, WA

  • The scooter is running fine after some adjustments to the front wheel. Also, I received the check. Once again thank you so much for all of your help. I certainly would do business with you again. It is so great to know that there are still people that stand behind what they say. My entire family is extremely impressed with how you have dealt with us.

    A heartfelt thank you to you!!

    Dawn Osborne, PA

  • Thank you for your prompt reply. Will instructions will be attached, as to where we begin to trouble shoot the problem (electrical start). By the way everyone love's it. I have advised them to go directly to Ebay, and to look for your company name. Thanks Again. I am now looking towards purchasing the 5000 model.

    Myrian Balderama, CA

  • Thanks so much, You guys are GREAT!!! I Love this GT5000 !! The whole neigborhood is liking it too!! I will send any buyers to you. There's a lot of interest because the price is good and it's the coolest one> Gos fast too !!!! I hope you will stock some replacment parts,like clutches, drive chains etc. soon.


    Jeffrey Davis, NJ

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